Emergency Response Procedures, Emergency Drills and Incident Management

Energy management firm Schneider Electric has mapped out emergency response considerations for data centres.

The firm warns that data centres must be prepared for exceptional events or emergencies and have plans in place to maintain continuous operation.

For example it says that despite best practices being observed during site selection, extreme weather events such as Hurricane Sandy have shown that facilities may at any time be exposed to risks above and beyond hazards those from which they are normally protected.

Emergency Response Procedures include: operational measures to deploy in the event of a crisis that safely isolate faults and restore service; a crisis management plan CMP which is a detailed step-by-step procedure to follow when emergency strikes; and Escalation Procedures, which are documented, prioritised contact lists outlining internal contact requirements for specific situations related to data centre operations.

Emergency Drills, which should be developed in advance and scheduled to occur regularly, guide operators through what should be done to counter the top 10 identifiable operational risks.

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