For comic fans, one of the sweetest moments of E3 2016 was the announcement that a new Spider-Man game was coming, and better still that it was being developed by Insomniac Games, developers of Sunset Overdrive, Ratchet & Clank and the Resistance games.

But while the internet rejoiced at the idea of a good Spider-Man game since Spider-Man 2, I had only one thought cross my mind: "Peter Parker, again?".

His archetype is "slightly whiny teenager" and every four years or so, when his character gets rebooted, we're subjected to his lacklustre origin story once more.

Now it feels like it's reinventing itself almost every month with big plot twists, new characters and broken conventions.

Why can't we get Marvel Zombies horror games or a blood-soaked Punisher first-person-shooter?

Let's look at some of the big changes from the last few months: Steve Rogers, everyone's favourite all-American Nazi puncher, has vacated the role of Captain America for Sam Wilson, a superhero from Harlem who trades Steve Roger's powerset of "I'm a goddamn super soldier" for "can fly and has a telepathic link to birds".

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