London Mayor Sadiq Khan has outlined new measures to clean up the capital s air, proposing additional charges for dirt-splurters and a fresh public transport action plan.

First off, if you happen to get around in a diesel-guzzler or a car that was made before 2005, you might want to consider buying something new or familiarising yourself with the city s trains, buses and bikes.

Khan wants to introduce extra fees for pre-2005 cars entering the congestion zone, while diesel vehicles could face additional charges for coming into inner London as soon as 2019.

Speaking on the 60th anniversary of the Clean Air Act, Khan said, "The air in London is a killer, it makes people sick and it's illegal so it's time for action."

Why illegal, you may ask?

The Supreme Court recently ruled that London's air quality breaches European clean air rules, yet we all still point and laugh at Beijing.

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