To learn more and subscribe, please click here.Last week, Facebook unveiled a number of new features for bot developers on the Messenger Platform aimed at making the conversational tech more accessible to users.The updates, which include features like pre-set reply buttons, and a rating system for users, should help make bot interactions more intuitive and seamless.

The updates come as the growth of Messenger s bot ecosystem hits a speed bump.

In essence, Facebook is joining together the conversational responsiveness and accessibility of chatbots with the intuitive interface of apps.

This is a vital evolution for Facebook as it attempts to gain the necessary traction for the nascent technology.

Facebook hopes the updates and additions to the bot interface will incentivize further engagement with users, which, in turn, will entice more developers to the platform.Here are the most important updates Facebook is bringing to Messenger:Ratings: Users can now provide star rating and open-text feedback for bot developers.

This will help developers get a better feel for how to improve their software.Quick replies: These are pre-assigned action buttons developers can deploy to help users navigate the bot.

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