A new piece of technology based on military signal jamming signals is being used to protect the public from the rise of contactless card fraud.

Skimming devices that use what s known as radio-frequency identification RFID technology and can be purchased online make it possible for criminals to clone cards and carry out identity theft using devices similar to contactless readers combined with software that enable them to decode personal data.

Now security technology firm Vaultskin has created the VAULTCARD, a credit card sized device that is able to detect and block RFID signals it detects.

The company has now launched a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter.

The card can be placed inside your wallet and then provides an invisible shield for all contactless cards nearby and is able to protect them all at once.

Vaultskin chief executive Thomas Kaprov said: Contactless credit card fraud poses a very real and dangerous threat to consumer data safety, and without a tangible solution from the personal banking industry, professionally engineered products are required to solve the issue.

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