Pokémon Go is out in the United States, and people are already finding monsters and love?

Thanks to Go s GPS-powered gameplay, trainers are finding the critters in places like a church, the toilet, and other people s cars.But if you keep your head buried in your phone long enough while chasing some rare Mew, you may not realize where you re at or how you might look to those around you.

So to avoid awkward 911 calls, here are some places you should avoid while playing Pokémon Go.Look, I get it.

You nearly caught that Charizard yesterday, and now he is right downstairs in your neighbor s backyard.

If you put a toe over her chain-link fence, she s going to rush out the door and start asking you what the hell you are doing?

I know we haven t talked a lot recently, but I think we should take some time to recap a fact of life: A man walking alone around an elementary school holding out his phone like he s taking pictures is not a good look!I know your niece told you she caught a Pikachu on the playground, but you re just gonna have to let that go.

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