An Uber driver was livestreaming Pokémon Go this weekend when he said that he saw someone push a dead body out of car.

Now the driver has reportedly been fired from Uber and a member of the local police believes it s a hoax.

AlexRamiGaming, a small-time Youtuber, was streaming the game in Beaumont, Texas on July 9th when he suddenly starts yelling: Oh my god I just witnessed a fuckin murder.

He then apparently calls 911 all while still streaming live to Youtube and says he s being followed by the same black Chevy Silverado that apparently dumped the body in front of the Trinity United Methodist Church, also in Beaumont.

Granted, a dead body in Beaumont is not unlikely—the city of 117,000 has one of the highest murder rates in all of Texas.

But in a phone call with Gizmodo, Sargent Cody Guedry of the Beaumont Police Department said no body was found at that location and he believes Ramirez s call was a hoax.

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