The Moto 360 2014 was arguably the first truly stylish Android Wear smartwatch and it was followed up by the even better looking and far faster performing Moto 360 2015 .

Both watches secured four star reviews from us, but now that we're deep into 2016, they're both old news, with increasingly stiff competition from rivals like the Samsung Gear S2, while the Apple Watch 2 sits intimidatingly on the horizon.

So far nothing is known about it, but we're almost certain it's coming, given the warm reception the last two got.

We'll bring you all the news, rumors and updates as we hear them, so keep this page bookmarked, but for now there are a few things we can speculate about, and far more that we hope for.

Moto 360 2016 news and rumors

So far, the Moto 360 2016 has managed to remain shrouded in mystery, which is quite an achievement, given how much the Apple Watch 2 and most other high profile tech in the wearables sector has leaked.

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