As we enter what is now being called the 4th Industrial Revolution we have come to accept that machines are far better at being mechanical than humans.

In the bustling world of search advertising, where campaign managers balance their time between creatively building campaigns, and mechanically managing and updating them on a daily basis, we are once again spending most of our time filling a role that makes more sense for a machine.

This shift again changed the nature of the workforce – and marketing in many cases helped lead that transformation.

Many forward-thinking marketers are excited about this transformation, when we can focus on what we do best – innovate – while machines will step in and do what they do best – analyse large amounts of data in order to rationally identify and exploit patterns.

While some are still reluctant to embrace new marketing technologies, many marketers are beginning to understand that machine learning is vital to higher efficiency campaigns and stronger results, the next step is finding the right solution.

This labour intensive work of digging through reams of unstructured datasets to try and understand the bigger picture is impossible to do with 130 exabytes of data persisting in the digital universe that s 18 zeros for us common folk .

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