Now Twitter is making it easier for more brands to access that information.

On Tuesday Twitter-owned data platform Gnip officially opened up its Audience API so that any brand can use the analytics tool to get a cheat sheet of demographic and interest data about any group of Twitter accounts.

And it s making it easier for any brand using the tool to find out about people who may have come across the brand s tweets or stumbled onto its website.

So it s not like a brand will be able to use the tool to find out that Tim Peterson is a male who lives in Los Angeles, likes surfing and watches Pretty Little Liars not like I would ever admit that on Twitter .

Twitter first unveiled the tool in October 2015 but limited its availability and usage.

It s not hard to get someone s Twitter ID — Twitter has an online tool and instructions for how to get the IDs for everyone who follows or is followed by a given Twitter account — but it was enough of a hassle to be a limiting factor.

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