Some said it would never catch on, but over four years on from the original Galaxy Note phablet the fourth generation device - the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - launched.

The metal frame runs round the outside

There's a metal rim surrounding the handset, shielding the rest of the chassis like a velvet rope protecting celebs from real people in a club.

It's not on the same level of design as the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge which ditch plastic altogether, so if you really don't like this cheaper material then consider these two instead.

Samsung has managed to keep the dimensions manageable - it's certainly a lot easier to hold than the 6-inch Lumia 1520 and Ascend Mate 7 - and while the iPhone 6 Plus may look sleeker, the Galaxy Note 4 boasts a bigger, better screen and very similar dimensions.

I found their uses relatively limited day-to-day, although they were fun to play around with and for some they will be useful tools.

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