Yes, that NES – the same classic Nintendo Entertainment System from the mid-80s, only now shrunken down to palm-sized shape and with 30 blockbuster games built right into the thing.

the NES Classic Edition in the States is cheap, too, with a holidays-friendly release coming on 11 November.

Call it a nostalgia grab, but it's one that appears to be done incredibly well, with all the tiny details perfected, a blistering selection of classic games, and a price point that can't be beat.

Luckily, it looks like Nintendo nailed the landing here.

True, the controller ports a little different and the cartridge slot probably doesn't open - or if it does, it won't take your old games - but the retro look still warms our hearts.

By maintaining the classic appearance of the box on store shelves, Nintendo set this console up to bring back those decades-old memories of craving the thing every time we went shopping with mum.

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