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To learn more and subscribe, please click here.For marketers hoping to make the most of their apps, in-app messaging is the key to a successful marketing strategy, according to a new report by Experian Marketing Solutions.In-app messaging will be the top initiative for mobile apps in 2016, with 44% of marketers focusing on this tactic above push notifications 38% and SMS 39% .

The success of in-app messaging over other forms of app marketing can be attributed to a number of factors:In-app messages are far more likely to reach app users than push notifications.

Although push notifications are a useful marketing tool, only 45% of smartphone users opt in to receive them, reports Urban Airship.

Since you cannot opt in or out of in-app messages, users are guaranteed to see the in-app message notification, leading a direct response rate 8x higher than push notifications.Integrated in-app messages are a natural, and helpful, enhancement to a user s app experience.

Roughly 58% of users become inactive in the first 30 days of an app being downloaded.

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