The WhatsApp messaging app resumed in Brazil after the Supreme Court overturned a suspension of the service that lasted less than a day and affected more than 100 million users.

The Supreme Court has reversed the order, a WhatsApp spokesperson told VentureBeat.Today s blocking of WhatsApp had been ordered by Judge Daniela Barbosa Assunção de Souza in the state of Rio de Janeiro for failing to help a criminal investigation.

It s the third time in less than a year that Brazil s phone carriers have been prohibited from carrying WhatApp communications.Earlier today, WhatsApp had issued the following public statement: In recent months, people from all across Brazil have rejected judicial blocks of services like WhatsApp.

Indiscriminate steps like these threaten people s ability to communicate, to run their businesses, and to live their lives.

As we ve said in the past, we cannot share information we don t have access to.

We hope to see this block lifted as soon as possible.

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