I ve been an iPhone user for over six years now, around the time the iPhone 4 came out I switched from a BlackBerry Curve after growing tired of RIM s stagnant platform and constantly having to force reboot the damn thing by removing its battery.

I use my smartphone a lot but I m not a frequent upgrader.

Since 2010 I only upgraded once to the iPhone 5s in late 2013 and now halfway into 2016 it was time for another upgrade.

For what it s worth, I started the temporary switch for the purpose of writing an article about it, using Google's mobile operating system with fresh eyes coming from an iPhone.

The other thing I really dislike about iPhones is how Apple still gives you a painfully inadequate 16GB of internal storage in its base $650 model, hoping to extract an extra $100 from your wallet to upgrade to 64GB.

First you transfer your data from the old phone to the new one, then you install your favorite apps or their equivalents, and finally you spend some time customizing the settings, home screen layout, and so on.

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