According to Openprise s 2016 State of B2B Marketing Data Management report, 72 percent of B2B marketer s top data management goals are to improve ROI measurability, 65 percent aim to improve data quality and 63 percent want to increase data use and accessibility.

One of the most effective types of data to help marketing effectiveness is intent data.

Internal intent data, or first-party data, is the data that a company collects through its website, CRM and e-mail platform.

This kind of data gives personal insights into how a specific individual is engaging with content at the individual level and can signal where in the purchase cycle a person is and when they are likely to transact.

Predictive behavioral models tap into marketing automation systems in order to understand a prospect s behavior based on how they click and how long they have spent on each page.

These tools have the potential to identify in-market shoppers that exhibit buying propensity.

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