Once a mainstay of smartphones, only to be made a laughing-stock by Steve Jobs and then, ironically, rebooted as the Apple Pencil, the humble pen has been on a peripheral rollercoaster.

Enter, then, Beyond Ink's take on the stylus, part smartphone peripheral, part James Bond-esque gadget.

Unscrew the tip, and you can replace it with a spongy, rubber-ended stylus cap for use with a capacitive touchscreen.

Scale down your expectations from Apple Pencil, Surface stylus, or Samsung S Pen, mind.

This is the faux-finger technology we've seen from many companies, mimicking a fingertip's touch for displays not really intended for digital penmanship.

As a result it's fine for selecting icons, swiping through documents, and signing PDFs, but art enthusiasts should look elsewhere.

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