There s a powerful myth that many people continue to believe in: that innovation comes about through a flash of inspiration, a Eureka!

In reality, innovation is fed by a constant diet of relevant and up-to-date information that can be reused and recombined to give shape to new ideas.

We usually become more innovative when we get exposed to processes that feed our brains with new ideas and situations: when we travel, when we live in a different country, when we go to a good class or conference, when we meet people who are very different from us.

To feed our personal innovation machine, we need new information, different thoughts, alternative takes and approaches, surprising elements that make us reflect with comparisons, with admiration, with contrasts…

In such context, the way we feed ourselves with information plays a fundamental role.

That is precisely why, in an environment with a clear tendency to information overload, infoxication, infobesity and, in contrast, a general inclination towards shallow reading, designing proper information strategies becomes a must.

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