SpaceVR says you deserve a better experience, an immersive VR experience, with their technology.Founded in January 2015, the startup helps users experience space firsthand like an astronaut from any mobile, desktop or VR device.

Users will also be able to enjoy high-resolution views of phenomena like lightning storms and the aurora borealis.

It costs users USD 30 per year.Their Overview 1 satellite is scheduled to launch from in 2017.FreeSkiesPicture from Freeskies.coAlthough the professional services network PwC says that the global drone market may worth USD 127 billion, aerial data collection at present still faces obstacles like overhead costs and a complex regulatory environment.FreeSkies is making high-quality aerial imaging simple and accessible, by developing software for consumer drones to be able to be used in an access economy based business model.

It was founded in June 2015.Its CoPilot app allows owners of DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 to visualize and plan flight paths in 3D maps.VideoStitchPicture from Video-stitch.comThis French startup offers video-editing software solutions, and is known for its 360 degree VR video production software suite.

Additionally, the company has developed a solution that streams 4K resolution live VR video to headsets all with the push of a button.VideoStitch currently covers 62 countries, serving customers that range from small entertainment production houses to Fortune 500 companies.Midas Touch LabPicture from Midastouchgame.comFounded 2014, this VR and game technology company is building a physics engine and technology platform that lets players touch and interact with characters in VR.Through combining technologies of physics simulation, biomechanical engineering, robotics and artificial intelligence, Midas Touch Lab have created life-like characters and jitter-free, high performance mechanical simulations of joints and motors.Among Midas products are BattleRig and Pet Park.

They include internet giant Tencent and video-streaming site Youku.

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