The Windows 10 Anniversary Update isn t a big change from what I saw a year ago when the OS was first released, but it makes a number of small improvements in areas that each matter to a different kind of person.

A new Windows Ink button now adorns the taskbar in the lower right.

The complete lack of a barrier to entry is best.

On a Surface computer, you can yank off your magnetically attached Pen and click the eraser to instantly open the Ink menu or hold it down to go straight to Sticky Notes, which are little notes that stick to your desktop and sit under your regular Windows.

iHeartRadio and Dropbox are now compatible, and representatives hinted that more programs were on the way.

Business users also now get Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection WDATP , which will detect threats on entire networks, and Windows Information Protection, which will let businesses separate personal and organizational data to protect treasured corporate secrets.

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