She failed rich, at least.

NEW YORK ― If Marissa Mayer ends up leaving Yahoo when Verizon s deal to buy the ailing web giant closes, she could walk away having made $219 million during her four-year tenure as chief executive.

The woman tasked with saving Yahoo raked in $114.7 million in cash and vest shares between 2012, when she joined the company, and 2015, according to a report by Equilar, a firm that tracks data on compensation.

Add to that another $4 million in vested stock this year, plus $43.4 million in options she could still purchase.

The embattled boss said Monday she plans to stay at Yahoo now that Verizon bought the 22-year-old Silicon Valley pioneer $4.8 billion, though it s unclear in what capacity she would remain.

Verizon plans to merge Yahoo s teeming media properties with AOL, which owns The Huffington Post, though the brands will stay separate.

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