In January, cross-device tracker BlueCava merged with intent data targeting platform Qualia.

Today, that company — called Qualia — is announcing a new partnership with mobile attribution firm NinthDecimal that it says points to one of the key benefits of the merger.

The Qualia/NinthDecimal collaboration allows a marketer to track a visit to an offline retailer back to the motivating ad and to the data indicating buying intent, on any of several devices a user might own.

It describes this new collaboration as the first cross-device offline attribution that includes intent data , in which intent signals and cross-device tracking come from the same provider.

For instance, a visit by someone to a Honda showroom might be tracked back to an ad for Honda sale shown on that person s desktop computer, and to the person s download of a Honda brochure.

While other collaborations might similarly connect offline visits to a specific ad on multiple devices, and might overlay and match intent-to-buy signals e.g., the brochure download from an external provider, Qualia says that its recently integrated intent data/cross-device tracking produces a more reliable understanding of what paid media or marketing drove an offline action.

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