Trouble is, if you own a PlayStation 4 you won t have been able play either of these two titles, and that s because they re both Xbox One console exclusives.

While Sony s machine is hardly lacking for stellar titles, if you ache to play something more offbeat than the latest Call of Duty or FIFA then it s arguably the Xbox One that s got you best covered although No Man's Sky might have something to say about that .

As if to hammer home the point, Microsoft invited us to play a whole load of games from its slate of upcoming indie titles - these are the five that got us most excited.

A culinary delight, Overcooked revives the timeless joy of local multiplayer games by planting you and your mates in an impossibly busy kitchen.

It s your job to serve up orders for soup, burgers, burritos and the like as their orders come in at a frenzied pace.

Soon simple tasks are fraught with peril and you ll find yourself desperately reaching for a fire extinguisher in no time at all.

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