The atomic fallout in Chernobyl, Ukraine was one of the worst nuclear disasters in history and put around 2,600 square kilometres roughly 1,000 square miles of land out of commission.

It s been good for shitty horror films and for the wildlife that has blossomed there following the disaster, but after decades of people unable to return to their homes and the property surrounding the reactor abandoned, it was only a matter of time before somebody wanted to attempt to reuse it.

According to Bloomberg, Ukraine is seeking investors to help it build a solar complex in the area, with the goal to install four megawatts of panels by the end of the year.

The plan has the potential to solve two of the country s problems.

For one, it ll bring productivity back to the area, which is still largely unusable due to long-term radiation exposure, but has an ample supply of cheap land.

The Chernobyl site has really good potential for renewable energy, Ukraine s environment minister Ostap Semerak said.

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