For the first time in years, no one really has any expectations from Tesla as the company prepares to report second-quarter earnings on Wednesday after the markets close.Officially, analysts anticipate a loss of $1.15 per share.

Tesla has rarely reported positive quarterly net income since its IPO.The pattern is burn cash, baby, burn cash.

Profits are, for now, irrelevant.The cadence of Tesla earnings was actually starting to get predictable.

Dismal financials were assumed, so attention shifted to vehicle deliveries and yearly guidance.

But two straight years of delayed deliveries and guidance coming in at the very low end of its range had conditioned investors to patiently listen to what Tesla has to say and assume that the process will be repeated, just with bigger numbers.

The acquisition of SolarCity for $2.6 billion in stock, announced on Monday and expected to close in a few months pending government approval and shareholder voting , will create a full-service green-energy solutions holding company.

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