At Black Hat, a researcher details how both naive users and hosts of the popular accommodation sharing service could be at risk

Airbnb has emerged in recent years to become a popular option for both those seeking accommodations and those looking to provide their homes and apartments as a place to stay for travelers.

A common feature of most Airbnb rentals is WiFi access, but providing that connectivity might well come with risks for both the person providing the space and the guest, according to a Black Hat USA talk scheduled for Aug. 4 in Las Vegas.

In an interview with eWEEK ahead of the talk, titled AirBnBeware: Short Term Rentals Long Term Pwnage, security researcher Jeremy Galloway from Atlassian provided details about the risks that he sees for Airbnb WiFi users.

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Galloway was quick to point out that the flaws he is discussing in his talk are not in any software or technology that Airbnb itself provides, but rather in how renters and guests make use of WiFi.

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