It s super-black because of how it uses blackness to tell its story, peeling back layers of erased and redacted history to generate a fuller portrait of black humanity in the Marvel Universe.

Thought up during a now-legendary run on Black Panther, The Crew was a labor of love spearheaded by Christopher Priest, the man who was the first black writer and editor at Marvel Comics.

It focused on four unlikely heroes jostling against each other s competing agendas and dissonant methods.

As more issues came out readers were re-introduced to Kasper Cole/White Tiger, a biracial twentysomething cop eager to make busts in his day job as a cop while learning to master the sensory powers he gets an acolyte of the Black Panther.

Danny Vicente/Junta was another character from Priest s Panther run, a freelance intelligence operative with gravity-distortion powers.

Beneath the surface, though, it s a remembrance of mothers and children forcibly removed from each other.

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