Have you heard the good news about a halloumi?

This hard goat and sheep s milk cheese is so firm it can be cooked directly in a hot skillet or on the grates of a grill without melting, giving new meaning to grilled cheese, and it makes one dank taco.

Whether you cook it in a pan or on the grill, you get a flavorful, caramelized outside and a gooey, melty inside, with a richness that pairs well with fresh herbs, bright fruits and vegetables, and anything acidic or pickled.

You can take this cheese in a lot of different directions, but I ll be following Epicurious lead and using it as a taco filling.

I ve long thought that cheese should be promoted from taco accessory to taco star and this meatless wonder makes for one substantial and delicious taco, especially when paired with grilled onions and crisp corn.

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