More issues with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update have popped up, and the latest complaints are far more serious than the troubles we reported on last week.

Apparently some folks who've upgraded to the new version of Windows 10 have found that while it might install fine, their PC is subsequently out in the cold – quite literally affected by various 'freezing' issues.

As in either the whole system freezing and locking up after a bit, or the taskbar or task manager freezing up, or more minor issues like scrolling in the web browser being jerky.

Whatever's going on, there's clearly a nasty underlying problem somewhere.

The advice on the Reddit thread covering this spotted by the Register has offered various suggestions of workarounds, a few of which appear to have provided a solution for some, but not for others.

They include using the Media Creation Tool to reinstall Windows, which is what Microsoft is advising, but that certainly isn't working for everyone.

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