According to a recent survey by eMarketer, more than 25% of Internet users use an adblocker and ad blocking is expected to cost publishers $35 billion by 2020.

To anyone or basically every Internet user who has ever had their browser crash from a rogue banner ad or seen a mobile advertisement so big they couldn t close it, it s no surprise that the demand for ad blocking tools is so attractive.

Everything, from boring text to viral content, falls under the umbrella of sponsored content.

The item, which focused on the Medellín Cartel s origins, was engaging, aesthetically pleasing and creative, all while smartly presenting Netflix as an innovative content creator.

Netflix took a similar approach when promoting the second season of its Emmy-award winning original show Orange is the New Black.

In Asia where they face an uphill battle to combat local competitors and cultural challenges, they are experimenting with localized videos that use actors from Netflix-exclusive shows.

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