When it comes to Olympics photography coverage, Getty Images has it down.

Its team of photographers and editors shoot, upload, edit, and share images in as little as two minutes, so audiences around the world are never far behind the action.

What s perhaps more impressive, however, is that Getty s image-delivery system in Rio was seven years in the making.

In planning for the 2016 Games, Getty held its first meeting with the International Olympic Committee in 2009, shortly after Rio de Janeiro had been selected as the host city.

We partner with the committee to basically link all of our photographers in the key photo positions that they work in back to our editing hub in the main press center, said Ken Mainardis, vice president of sport imagery and services for Getty, in an interview with Popular Photography.

And that network takes years of planning, because it crosses cities and it has to be able to handle about 1.5 million images during the duration of the games.

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