Palo Alto s Houzz has announced a revolution.Let s call it a revolution of bath and beyond — as in motion-activated toilet seats and mood-lit showers.The 2016 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study is a careful documentation of the many ways in which high-tech is penetrating the home s inner sanctum.

More and more, folks want to linger in their bathrooms, often while playing with their mobile devices.

The report notes that checking email, texting and taking phone calls are the most common activities 63, 49 and 38 percent of respondents, respectively .It s time for tech in the bathroom, because 46 percent of bathroom renovators can no longer stand the old bathroom they re turned off aesthetically and 29 percent choose to upgrade because, well, their bathrooms are breaking down more of a practical problem, along the lines of toilets that don t flush .Toilets are central: Among the 70 percent of renovating homeowners who are upgrading their toilets, a fifth are choosing a toilet with at least one high-tech feature, says the report.Here s the breakdown for high-tech toilet features:— Self-cleaning: 43 percent— Overflow anti-clog protection: 31 percent— Motion-activated cover or seat: 28 percent— Built-in nightlight: 18 percent— Heated seat: 17 percent— Self-deodorizer: 12 percent— Hands-free flushing: 9 percentOther high-tech and luxury bathroom accoutrements include radiant heating, chandeliers, towel warmers, bathtubs built for two and supersized showers.Taking a more careful look at those showers, Houzz finds that mood lighting, digital controls and built-in sound systems are now prevalent.For a little light bathroom reading, here s the full report.Credit: Houzz

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