35 years ago today, the world was changed forever with the arrival of IBM s personal computer

IBM has this month celebrated the 35th anniversary of its personal computer, after the IBM PC 5150 was introduced to the world on August 12 1981.

It is fair to say that the IBM PC 5150 turned out to be one of the most influential computers ever invented, and its descendants are still used by billions of people on a daily basis.

The machine almost never happened as when it was first mooted that IBM was going to build a PC, a senior executive reportedly asked the simple question: Why would anyone want to take a computer home with them?

But IBM at the time was struggling financially, and its leadership had not failed to notice that many of its competitors were already selling minicomputers, as well as micro computers from the likes of Commodore, Atari, Tandy and Apple.

It developed the IBM PC 5150 in just 12 months.

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