Microsoft has acknowledged that there's an issue with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update causing some PCs to freeze up in one respect or another, and the company has offered some details on the problem, with a patch incoming hopefully fairly soon.

If you missed this one, some of those who installed the major update for Windows 10 have found their system freezing up – either the whole thing locking up, or some elements such as the taskbar or task manager.

In a thread on Microsoft's Answers forum, the company explained that this problem is affecting those with the operating system installed on an SSD, with apps and data stored on a separate drive.

That's not surprising, seeing as last week when this issue first popped up, some users noted they had some success by using the workaround of changing the app install location which is in Settings, System, Storage, then look under Save locations back to the system drive i.e.

And while the company works on a proper fix, Microsoft is making a similar suggestion, with the company stating: "In the meantime, you can work around this issue by signing into Windows 10 using Safe Mode the freezing issue doesn't occur in Safe Mode to move your apps and data to the same drive as your operating system."

Or, if this doesn't work, Redmond further advises that you should rollback to uninstall the Anniversary Update.

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