Lyft has announced refined drop-off and pickup options in its app, allowing users to chose the precise places their Lyft rider lets them out or picks them up.

Lyft says the drop-off locations can be as exact as a specific door at a specific airport terminal, eliminating the need to call the driver and tell them over the phone where exactly you are.

These precise drop-offs aren't available at all places across the nation, though.

The idea is that you have a specific place to be, and you have a specific place you re at.

You set your address in the app, but then in a lot of cases you have to take the time to call the driver and let them know specifically where you re at, which takes time…time you may not have if you re rushing around or running late.

The same generally goes for drop-offs -- maybe you're on a call and you can't pause to tell the driver where to stop.

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