the Background to the study is an international study in 2011 which showed that 17 per cent of respondents completely or partially believed that a secret large-scale atmospheric spray programmes is in progress.

And on the internet to thrive lastly, if the purpose of the alleged kemikalieutsläppet from the aircraft: as to brainwash citizens, or to check the weather, writes the Washington Post.

a Total of 77 researchers – with a focus on atmospheric chemistry and geochemistry and with expert knowledge of the atmospheric release of dust and pollution were in the study to evaluate if there is evidence for the conspiracy theory.

76 of the researchers stated that they found no evidence for this at all.

In the few cases where the evidence of the chemicals could be found, there were also other factors that could explain the occurrence.

"Our goal is not to convert those who are convinced that there is a secret, large-scale spray programmes – which often dismisses evidence to the contrary as an additional evidence for their theories – but rather to create an objective scientific source that can contribute with information in the public discourse," writes the authors of the report.

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