Redbooth, makers of project management and collaboration software, announced a new Apple TV app today that brings their service directly to Apple TV.

We mostly think of Apple TV as a consumer device, designed to give us access to entertainment and games or to project the contents of one of our Apple devices onto a bigger screen.

That changed to some extent last year when Apple announced the Apple TV App Store, and opened the door to the possibility of enterprise apps for the device.

While it was possible to use Redbooth or any enterprise app on Apple TV using the screen-sharing feature, this gives native access without any fussing.

As a collaboration app designed specifically for Apple TV, we re delivering a groundbreaking, streamlined experience that allows you to skip the screen-sharing, ditch the dongles and start planning quickly and beautifully in the living room or the board room, Redbooth CEO Dan Schoenbaum explained in a statement.

The Redbooth Apple TV app has a few features designed to take advantage of being on the Apple device.

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