Omnichannel is one of those words you may love to hate.

But love or hate it, reaching customers effectively wherever they are, using whichever device they choose in the moment, is today s marketing reality.

Find out how personalization strategies — and improving on them — will enable you to effectively engage consumers.Register here for free.With 98 percent of Americans switching between devices in a single day, marketers must improve on the way they stay connected with today s consumers.

Millennials are all about living in the now.

That s the job that lies ahead of omnichannel marketers as they attempt to reach users through methods of in-app messaging, push notifications, email, social posts, and more.When all goes according to plan, omnichannel personalization is a clear winner for consumers, marketers, and retailers.

As illustrated by Business 2 Community, companies with an omnichannel customer engagement strategy retain on average 89 percent of their customers.

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