A fantasy RPG with dungeons and dragons and magic spells?

Scalebound's Gamescom outing is the latest in a long line of short video clips, technical teases, and scripted battles that have been released since E3 2014, where the game was first revealed in spectacular fashion at Microsoft's press conference.

A new Platinum Games title with dragons that fight and breathe fire and four-player co-op?

What we know about Scalebound so far is that Drew and Thuban fight alongside each other, rather than with each other, and that it's an open-world game set in "Draconis" with RPG-like elements and real-time combat.

Oh, and a fight against a giant mantis culminating in a fierce fire-breathing attack from Thuban.

At Gamescom 2016, Kamiya briefly detailed another gameplay system, albeit a rather important one.

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