The upper echelon of chatbots, in terms of A.I.-powered intelligence, virtual assistants VA have become a hot topic in customer experience.Presenting a significant opportunity to increase revenue and cost savings, virtual assistants:Despite the obvious benefits, though, roughly only 1 in 10 enterprise brands in the U.S. has deployed a virtual agent.

Why haven t more brands jumped on the VA bandwagon?For starters, many companies have discovered the unique challenges that frequently limit VA experience and success.

Let s look at a few of these challenges and see what can be done to overcome them.When a VA is not able to answer questions accurately, it s because it lacks the proper context or doesn t understand the intent of the question.

Solution: To enable engaging conversations that result in an effective self-service resolution, the virtual assistant must:The VA s ability to answer questions relevantly only happens with rigorous optimization, involving both humans and machine learning.

Continuously ensuring solid quality control strategies will also help manage the risk of the VA learning undesired bad behaviors.

Bottom line: virtual assistants should not be designed as a set-it-and-forget-it solution.

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