As the Baby Boomers retire and Millennials enter the workforce, industries across the board are seeing a huge shift in technology adoption and integration.After all, Millennials grew up as digital natives; they don t know a time without the internet, smartphones, and apps.The emerging workforce is unique in that it's both a driver of digital disruption those same Millennials are consumers, too and also one of the primary solutions for organizations struggling to navigate the waves of technological change.Young Professionals and the Value of Software and Technology SolutionsChief Technology Officers and other members of upper management in logistics and supply chains already are noticing the push to integrate modern technology solutions by the younger workforce.For instance, Paul Lachance, president and chief technology officer of Smartware Group, Inc., has experience with young logistics professionals asking for new software investments: Recent grads are immersed in the latest apps and devices, and maintenance software continues to evolve in terms of simplicity, accessibility, and configurability.

Lachance also points out that technology solutions such as maintenance software were once viewed as a necessary evil, especially in terms of cost, but the new generation considers software as an investment that advances organizations and has a worthwhile ROI.Rodger Howell, a principal with PricewaterhouseCooper s logistics management division, agrees that Millennials are the driving force behind technology integration throughout the supply chain and beyond: Digital technology will become increasingly integral to companies.

Organizations in every facet of the economy will need to align their operations to compete in a digital world.

Indeed, as logistics and supply organizations face digital disruption, companies will need to adopt technology and reexamine their cost priorities in order to survive the disruption.

And embracing the younger generation in the workforce is one way to make that happen.

As Howell explains, Businesses are counting on new hires to bring fresh insights on how leading edge technologies can be used in their companies… the bar for hiring the new employee is set even higher not only are they expected to know the technology but in many cases, companies want them to know and truly understand the business.

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