Companies are getting in on this new marketing avenue and are already reaping its benefits.Zipcar has started offering free rides to players of the hit augmented reality game, Pokémon Go, which has already made record numbers in terms of users and is expected to make Apple three billion dollars in the next one to two years.Coincidence?

As more and more youth and adults are gravitating toward technology it was just a matter of time before such a feature which was usually only seen as "futuristic technology" could actually be used as an everyday, relatable technology.If you are looking to advertise with or utilize virtual or augmented reality in your business, there are a couple of things to know:Related Article: HR Technology is Changing Fast: 5 Things You Should KnowThe Profitability of Virtual and Augmented RealityBoth Virtual and Augmented Reality are considered similar but they both have their own qualities.

Augmented Reality is able to literally get potential consumers into physical buildings, which is why it is a valuable marketing strategy.

This is a great resource for physical brick-and-mortar stores.The difference with Virtual Reality is that a store can come to you.

An example would be, when placing an order, customers can be transported in the privacy of their own homes to an actual store where they can actually see what they want to purchase and also be able to view more options which gives greater convenience.How You Can Use Virtual and Augmented Reality Communication: Meetings can become a more real experience even when long distance.

The ability for interactive communication can be made even more precedence than other ways which are available.Collaboration: Being able to transport virtually to a given location will give users the ability to work together and also allow the ability to cooperate together.Visualization: Prototyping a product or space to where you can see it live before its actual creation will give users the ability to save time and resources especially if changes will be needing to take place.

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