Introducing Allkauren koi, a ridiculously looking flying reptile with a very cool name.

The fossilized remains of this newly discovered pterosaur were discovered in the Patagonia region of South America, and it s shedding light on the origin and evolution of these ancient creatures.

In a new study published in PeerJ, a team of international researchers led by Oliver Rauhut from the Paleontological and Geological Museum in Munich, Germany, describe the new species of pterosaur, which roamed the skies during the Early Jurassic some 190 million years ago.

Pterosaurs are an extinct group of flying reptiles that were extremely well adapted to flight, featuring super lightweight bones and an elongated finger that supported a bat-like wing membrane.

Very little is known about these ancient creatures owing to the poor fossil record.

CT reconstruction of the newly described pterosaur s skull.

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