OK, you just got the news that your budget has been cut in half this year and your company is/will continue to announce layoffs.

The sales department is under tremendous amounts of pressure and you can feel the weight of responsibility on your shoulders to help fill the pipeline.

Chances are there is no federal bailout for you; however, you do have a job and a budget to work with.

The recession no doubt will cause many, if not most B2B companies to rethink their marketing spend and respond with knee-jerk budget cuts.

The good news is that many marketers are lazy, so instead of new ideas, there will be fewer insertions on the old media schedule and fewer trade show commitments to make up for lost budget dollars.

It isn t easy, but getting creative with your website and adding video to define your value proposition is a lot more effective than a call for more information advertisement or an expensive brochure.

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