Samsung has just unveiled the third generation of its smartklocka Gear and the Gear of the S3 reminds a lot of Gear for the S2 but is slightly larger.

Gear S3 has a screen of 1.3 inch and is 46 millimeters wide which can be compared with Gear S2, which has a screen of 1.2 inches and is 44 mm wide.

the Resolution of the Gear of the S3's round screen is 360x360 pixels, which is the same resolution as the Gear S2.

Just like Gear S2 running Gear S3, the operating system Tizen instead of Android Wear, which the majority of competing models run.

the Battery in the clock according to Samsung should suffice for up to four days which may be said to be impressive if it is true.

Furthermore, it is IP68 rated which means it can withstand some water and dust.

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