I ve not been a fan of the smartwatch, partially because it lacked the design flair of traditional analog watches.

In fact, the electronics manufacturer believes that s why consumers new to this category have shied away.

That s why the company on Wednesday unveiled the byproduct of its research: the Samsung Gear S3.Available in Classic and Frontier models, the Gear S3 offers a premium look that s not only for casual experiences, but also is rugged enough for outdoor activities such as biking, running, and climbing.

While both versions show updated designs, there is a difference between them: The Classic is limited to Bluetooth connectivity, while the Frontier supports that and LTE.

However, since these two models are more on the luxury end, you might expect this to run a bit more than what you d normally pay for previous editions of the Gear smartwatch, which recently was $299.99.Samsung has pulled out all the stops to make its newest smartwatch shine.

Sensitivity on the display has been enhanced to work even if you re using gloves.There s also a built-in speaker that lets you talk directly into your watch so if you get a phone call, you can answer it like you re Dick Tracy or Michael Knight from Knight Rider.

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