Microsoft has finally pushed out a fix for those who found their PCs were freezing up in one way or another after they had installed the recent Anniversary Update for Windows 10.

While there have been a number of problems caused by the Anniversary Update, this was the most severe because it affected the overall operation of the system – and didn't just break a single element such as webcams or plugging in Kindles.

The freezing issue meant that some PCs were locking up entirely, or elements of the interface such as the taskbar or task manager were getting frozen, and Microsoft had previously acknowledged the flaw, saying that it affected those with the OS installed on an SSD, and apps/data stored on another drive.

The company also said it was working on a fix, and that fix has now been deployed in the form of Windows 10 cumulative update KB3176938, which was released yesterday.

A Microsoft representative posted on the forum to announce the release of the patch, and also to clarify that this update will automatically be applied when installing the Anniversary Update going forward.

In other words, those updating from now on won't experience the freezing issue in theory – unless there are any gremlins remaining in the works that Microsoft didn't spot, of course .

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