There are certainly plenty of examples to suggest that this new kinda of media type is being taken more seriously than it was, say, a year or two ago.

Messaging app Line, which held a successful US-Japan IPO this year, is the best example: it grossed $280 million from selling stickers in 2015.

Outside of Asia, Apple has revamped iMessage with a focus on media and integrated other apps, while Twitter is charging brands to offer promoted stickers to users, while Snapchat continues to use visual stickers.

Two years ago, it is was fairly unacceptable for two guys to send each other emojis.

Now it s an accepted part of interactions, even on a professional level, Tom Smith, CEO and co-founder of Imoji, told me in an interview.

So, in essence, Imoji s two-sided approach is to enable users to make stickers, and apps to let their users get access to them.

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