An asteroid buzzed by Earth on Wednesday, coming within 25,000 miles of our planet.

That may not sound like a close call but — given the massive scale of the universe — it is.

In a press release, NASA points out that the asteroid s distance to Earth was 1/10th the distance of the Earth to the moon.

As asteroid 2016 RB1 passed under the Earth s south pole, it didn t disrupt communication or weather satellites, which orbit Earth a little over 22,000 miles away.

If it weren t for careful inspection from a team of astronomers at the Catalina Sky Survey, we may not have even noticed it.

The asteroid, 2016 RB1, was discovered on Monday by astronomers using the 60-inch Cassegrain reflector telescope positioned at the top of Mount Lemmon in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson, Arizona.

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