Users swipe through content from multiple publishers in Google s Top Stories AMP viewer.

By now most publishers should be aware of Google s imminent plan to surface Accelerated Mobile Pages AMPs throughout mobile search results.

AMP links will no longer be limited to the Top Stories area of mobile results; instead, Google will link to the AMP version of a webpage any time a valid AMP is available.

This blue links expansion will dramatically increase AMP traffic overall and enable discovery of a rapidly growing universe of non-news and long-tail AMP content.

The Top Stories viewer enables users to swipe through a gallery of AMPs from different sources or return to search results.

Instead of clicking from the search results page to a webpage, which might load slowly or not offer what the user is looking for a costly choice on mobile , the AMP viewer makes it easy to rifle through the offerings of different publishers or bounce back and forth between the results page and fast-loading AMPs without ever leaving Google s environment.

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